4 Ways Chelsea Could Line Up Against Arsenal After Receiving 2 Fitness Boosts

Chelsea will be with their returned striker, Romelu Lukaku against Arsenal on Sunday as Somtosports predicts possible ways the Blues could line up against their rivals

Thomas Tuchel in quest to get the best of Romelu Lukaku’s striking prowess, the German is willing to alter his normal formation ahead of their next Premier League match.

Romelu Lukaku just like already said will get to be in the squad during the match on Sunday after missing out the opener against Crystal Palace.

Arsenal will have to go through another tough one with N’Golo Kante who missed the last game against Palace back in action before Sunday.

4 Ways Chelsea Could Line Up Against Arsenal After Receiving 2 Fitness Boosts 5

Tuchel normally do use his favorite 3-4-3 against opposing sides but with Lukaku in the squad, the German spoke about using two strikers and also using Lukaku to make space for both Werner and Kai Havertz.

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“With the addition of Romelu. We get the number-one striker and we want to have him on the pitch. This is very clear,” the 47-year-old told reporters.

“I think we have now with Romelu the chance also to play with two strikers, like they did at Inter with him, or to continue with three strikers. We will see now how this works out and we will find a solution for the players around him”

Tuchel is known to be a tactical genius as some of his inventions in the management field has already been adopted by several Premier League managers since his arrival months ago.

There are chances the manager could avoid the 3-4-3 against Arsenal on Sunday which leaves 4 other formations in the picture to be considered.


This has largely been spoken of as his next line of action in some of our past contents as it’s a proven fact. The manager used this formation against Peterborough to produce his first highest goals in a match before the behind closed doors 13-0 against Southern League champions.

Should Tuchel consider the 4-2-4 on Sunday then we could see Blues flooding Arsenal’s box with attacking threats including Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, Lukaku and Pulisic.

The names listed may be swapped for other relative players as it’s yet unknown what could be Tuchel’s line up for the game.

But the number 9 in this case which would definitely be Lukaku will be assisted closely with a kind of Supporting Striker which will possibly be Kai Havertz.

Timo Werner and Pulisic will both go wide while Kante and Jorginho or Kovacic will start from the midfield.

This formation gives Chelsea the defensive balance while flooding the opponent’s 18-yard box in search of goals.

It will also force the opponents to remain around their zone and avoid leaving and creating space for counter attacks which will be very brutal when 4 attackers come after 2 defenders.

4 Ways Chelsea Could Line Up Against Arsenal After Receiving  2 Fitness Boosts

3-5-2 (Crucial Role For Mason Mount)

Tuchel deciding to pick this option which he also used before in the past, would only mean a more important role for Mason Mount who will be placed behind two strikers.

Two strikers of course is the bone of Tuchel’s next possible structure against opponents should he decided to leave the 3-4-3.

The 3-5-2 here is a different ball game all together as it proves to be a more deadlier set up. The last time Tuchel used this, he only had Pulisc and Werner as the two strikers.

Both men have over time shown they are natural wingers and of course had difficulties adapting to the striking duties.

With Lukaku now available, Mason Mount could be made a good assistance when he plays from the number 10 position and the man engineering the attacks.

Kai Havertz or Werner and Lukaku will be both position ahead of Mount who will feed them with the passes he collects from Kante and Jorgi.

This formation also helps the former PSG manager maintain his defensive consciousness while causing problems in the opponent’s box.


The 4-2-3-1 will provide Mason Mount with similar role as the last but this time around he will be more closer to the enemy’s box.

And also will have Lukaku up in the front alone as the one man up while two attackers come in to help from the flanks.

Tuchel is a lover of using the flanks during his attacks. He has proven how good he is as a manager and is keen to maintain this feat.

Havertz and Werner will come in from both flanks.

4 Ways Chelsea Could Line Up Against Arsenal After Receiving 2 Injury Boosts 3


The lover of inventions, Tuchel could sure be planning another new formation which could possibly be Lukaku playing ahead of two supposing strikers.

This would make Lukaku more efficient with his finishing skills in the enemies box.

But not about the finishing, the Belgian will also be able to hold off defenders and create spaces for both Havertz and Werner in the enemy’s box.

Which formation do you think Tuchel will likely use?

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