Antony Santos Jersey Number Finally Revealed Ahead Of Manchester United Debut

Antony Santos hopes to make the squad this weekend when Manchester United take on Arsenal

The former Ajax star completed his move to Manchester United after a €100m transfer deal was agreed by United and the Dutch Champions.

Leaving Ajax wasn’t a walk in the park for Antony as the Eredivisie side refused to let him leave on many occasions until he started forcing his way out.

The Winger is yet to be handed a jersey number at Manchester United after dropping his favorite Ajax shirt number 11 to make a trip to Manchester where their number 11 is currently occupied by Mason Greenwood.

Just like Greenwood, Santos is a long term asset for United, currently 22-years-old and his contract with United going until 2027 when he will have an option to extend an extra year.

Currently, Antony Santos sits at the high ranks as one of the three most expensive Manchester United players.

Since his arrival, one of the main questions that has popped the internet is, ‘What Is Antony Santos Jersey Number?’

Somtosport understands that Manchester United are not planning to strip Mason Greenwood off the number 11 shirt which is actually Antony’s favorite shirt despite the English man’s unavailability.

Greenwood was accused of rape and assault by his girlfriend months ago but recent investigations have proved the 20-year-old innocent and all charges dropped but he is yet to return to the squad.

Antony Santos will now most likely settle for the number 21 which is one of the available numbers.

The number 21 was last worn by former Manchester United midfielder, Ander Herrera before he left for Paris Saint German, leaving the shirt vacant since then.

Although it’s not yet made official but our sources closer to the club has confirmed that the number 21 is the closest number that Antony would be getting unless a sudden decision is made to take away the number 11 from Mason Greenwood.

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  1. The no 11 jesy should be given to Antony , because greenwood absent for long increase the demand for another winger (Antony)

  2. Greenwood is still in Manchester United payroll thus is still Manchester United player. Stripping him off the number is disrespectful. Antony should settle for any of other available options

  3. Let no 11 shirt remain with gwood i know he will come back and reunite with the team lets not undermind him he has been our great talented academy so let antony take get achoice of the remaining numbers

  4. Give Antony this number 11 because gwood he did a big mistake for the team to be on shame,,,11 number to ogah Antony because he disave it

  5. No 21 jesey is ok for Anthony leave no 11 for gwoon he will Soon be back in the team,after all they have proved his innocent in the accusations.

  6. Upon all,what we are thinking is that mason greenwood made a mistake,don’t all forget gwood is great player today he saves at times as an academic graduate he deserve to retain his 11 jersy and antony is too lets him look for another vacated jersey or option i think should inherit 21 jersey which vacated by great cavani and ander herera….

  7. Pliz greenwood is still on contract and still know as a hero at Manchester, as for respect, I know Antony is a better player too but I would beg of him to choose at list 21, I mean he should respect greenwood too

  8. The no 21 Jersey should be given to Anthony because green wood will soon back and it’s not good to strive him of his jersey number, no matter what green wood is still our great player he has delivered us in most cases,

  9. It’s better to give Atony jersey no.11 b’se he’s experience player than Green Wood.then Green Wood 21.ok

  10. Antony should go for number 21 since it is vacant. Taking number 11 away from greenwood is like his efforts in the team are being underrated

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