Arsenal Legend, Thierry Henry Torments Mohamed Salah For Comments Prior Liverpool Madrid Match

The former Arsenal player isn’t having his chills with Mohamed Salah following the Egyptian’s comment before prior their UEFA Champions League Final loss against Real Madrid

Liverpool attacker, Mohamed Salah did clearly get every hopes high up the roof when he made comments ahead of their game against Real Madrid.

Every one expected to see a super show from the former Chelsea man but disappointedly he was bagged on Saturday.

Liverpool got another shot to make up for their last final loss against Real Madrid and they clearly couldn’t do a thing.

Although they clearly put up a tough fight but in the end it was Real Madrid that achieve the most important thing in every match, ‘goal’.

Liverpool player, Mohamed Salah (Getty images)

Mohamed Salah who made a comment saying, “we have scores to settle” couldn’t even get his name on the score sheet as Real Madrid with a 1-0 victory were crowned Champions.

Of course it’s normal to lose in a final, one team.must lose for the other to win, even Thierry Henry lost finals but it isn’t normal to talk a lot before a final.

The talks is what Henry isn’t happy with as he goes hard on Mohamed Salah for failing to live up to his comments.

“I always say something: don’t talk before a final. When you speak before a final, you have to win it.” Henry said.

Liverpool will get another shot next season after finishing the season behind Premier League winners Manchester City.

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