Arsene Wenger Sends Urgent Gnabry Message To Mikel Arteta Following Display Against Italy

The former Arsenal player was in the starting line up for Germany as they shared spoils with Italy in their first to and game for the 2022 UEFA Nations League Group A fixture

Arsene Wenger has made a quick judgement on Serge Gnabry’s performance in a statement that appears he is already sending message to his former club who is currently linked to reuniting with the attacker.

Italy took the lead at first but an impressive finish from Kimmich saw Germany back on level ground just 6 minutes after the opening goal from Pellegrini.

Gnabry who was later replaced in the 80th minute made significant impact in the game as he at one time had danced through the Italian defense but sadly his shot couldn’t beat Donnarumma.

Germany player, Gnabry (Getty images)
Germany player, Gnabry (Getty images)

His presence in the enemies’ zone left a worry until he was taken off in the lost time with Arsene Wenger stating he could have found the winning goal if left.

“His (Gnabry) performance was very impressive. I took note of him in particular. He used to be one of us, so it’s easy not to take my eyes off him,” Wenger said.

“His runs into the box were very dangerous ones and had it been he remained in the game, I think maybe he would have made the headlines with a late finisher.

“He was always going for it and only needed few more same attempts.

Asked if he thinks Arsenal are in a pole position for a reunion, Wenger continued; “I don’t really think so. I don’t think.

“But if they want to have him back, it’s still not a bad deal. We all see how much he developed so far.”

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