Ashley Cole Cries Out For Striker ‘Who Is Never Appreciated’ By Chelsea

Former Chelsea defender, Ashley Cole has revealed of how former Chelsea man was never appreciated

Romelu Lukaku has been linked to a return back to Stamford Bridge after proving to be top scorer in the Serie A League.

With Chelsea supposedly in need of a killer finisher, Lukaku is tipped to the side he was never appreciated at first.

According to former Chelsea back man, Romelu Lukaku’s days at Chelsea were never appreciated by the fans who always wanted more.

Ashley Cole Cries Out For Striker 'Who Is Never Appreciated' By Chelsea 1

“At 17, I probably had a better touch than him but when he receives the ball it is completely different as he is constantly under pressure,” Cole said, ‘but since it has improved massively and his link up play for club and country is exceptional.

“The two loans gave him that self-belief to really kick on because at Chelsea, he wasn’t really appreciated by the fans, but he went out on loan to prove himself and now he is one of the best strikers in the world.”

Adding on who inspired Lukaku to major heights, Cole credited Didier Drogba for the Belgian’s success.

“Didier Drogba was like a father figure to him at Chelsea early in his career, and helped him develop his technique and improve as a striker,” Cole added.

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