Banned Or Stay? Outcome Of UEFA’s Friday Meeting Over Real Madrid’s UCL Fate

Real Madrid’s strong involvement in the just collapsed Super League Proposal opened them to a possible UCL ban

With the failure of the proposed European Super League, Real Madrid are back into the UCL and set the battle Chelsea for the semis.

But the side were prone to been asked out of the competition considering how hard they pushed for the establishment of the proposed new league.

The UEFA decided to meet earlier today and decide fates of both Real Madrid and other clubs that pulled out of the UCL in quest for the ESL.

Banned Or Stay? Outcome Of UEFA's Friday Meeting Over Real Madrid's UCL Fate 1

It also was revealed that most of the clubs involved were enticed into the deal without proper explanations of what was at stake.

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Neither were they properly briefed with the modus operandi which has left many fans agitating against the betrayal from their owners.

Clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal are already asking their owners to transfer ownership to willing buyers.

While Juventus have seen their head left the club due to pressure from the outside. Manchester United’s Ed Woodward has also used the exit door after so much wailing from the fans to see him depart from the club.

Another hit suffered from the ESL saga was seeing Jose Mourinho fired as he was rumored to have refused to take his boys to training after learning of Spurs’ involvement in the less competitive league.

But it’s now of a pity that all these happenings may have just come by in vain and those who lost their jobs have lost in vain.

Trusts lost are now in vain and fans will find it hard growing that trust again unless ownerships are switched.

Reason being UEFA resolved to not serve any punishment to any of the involved clubs.

Neither Real Madrid nor other involved clubs would face penalties.

Banned Or Stay? Outcome Of UEFA's Friday Meeting Over Real Madrid's UCL Fate 2

This leave the UCL the way it was before the ESL saga and that is Los Blancos taking up the Blues on Tuesday while Manchester City will take on Paris Saint German on Wednesday.

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