Breaking News: Ole Solskjaer’s Replacement Begins House-Hunting Ahead Of Official Announcement

It’s clear that Ole Solskjaer days at United have finally approached it’s end time as possible replacement is reported already house-hunting in Cheshire

Man United although yet to announce any parting with manager, Ole Solskjaer but could likely be doing so soon.

The club results have hit rock bottom and letting the Norwegian leave is the only way to turn the tables and the Board are well aware.

The Board had before promised to having the former Man United man’s back but the continuation of their poor performances have caused the Board into a rethink.

Manchester United manager, Ole Solskjaer during the Manchester derby

Conte was initially linked to the job but having joined Tottenham, Man United turned to other options which made Brendan Rodgers a number one candidate.

United are chasing after Zidane after he disclosed his intentions for France job.

Following reports this morning, Brendan Rodgers is already hunting for an apartment in Cheshire prior his move to Man United.

Cheshire is a neighboring county to Manchester United in the Northwest England.

Leicester City manager, Brendan Rodgers during a football match.

United if finalized plans with Brendan Rodgers will have to pay a certain but yet to be disclosed amount to Leicester who he is still under contract with.


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