Brighton Send Response To Chelsea After Receiving More Than £50m Offer For Cucurella

Chelsea are hopeful they can complete signing for the defender this week as they continue to strongly edge closer to a deal.

The Blues are eager to act fast on Cucurella deal and has reportedly tabled a deal worth more than the £50m Brighton are asking for.

Tuchel sees Cucurella as a starter and is excited about the competition the Brighton man will bring to his defense if they can complete a deal.

On the other hand, Brighton are eyeing Blues Youngster, Levi Colwill who they hope to sign alongside during this Cucurella deal.

The Seagulls believe they can take advantage of Chelsea’s hunger for Cucurella and bank on a Levi Colwill signing.

According to reports this morning, Brighton are insisting the deal for Levi Colwill be settled at same time, although not a player plus cash deal.

Cucurella is expected to be moving to Chelsea only if the money is paid while Brighton push to land Levi Colwill in return in a separate deal which they are now insisting it’s completed same time with that of Cucurella.

Chelsea are currently weighing their options before making any decisions on Colwill as they see him as a future asset.

More reason Brighton are pushing for the deal to be completed at same time is that they fear Chelsea could after landing Cucurella, back off the Colwill talk.

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