Bruno Fernandes Discloses Which Man United’s Player Chant He Loves To Hear The Fans Sing

The Portuguese claims despite loving his own chant, Anthony Martial’s is one he can’t get mind off

Bruno Fernandes has shared that he prefers his own chant by the fans, although Anthony Martial’s isn’t bad one too.

Just like United fans do chant ‘Bruno! Bruno!’ whenever he lines up for a free-kick, the fans also have their chant for Anthony Martial which Bruno has revealed to be his favorite.

“I like mine but I really like the one for Anthony Martial!” the 26-year-old told MUFC.

“It’s probably my favourite. I really like mine and it should be my favourite [laughs], but the one for Anthony is really good.

“Our fans make the song really nice. If I had to choose then I have to say my song is better than Anthony’s, but I like his too!”

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