Cesc Fabregas Discloses John Terry’s Anti-Spurs Departure Message That Has Kept Chelsea At The Top Of London

Fabregas revealed John Terry had warned the Chelsea team to never let themselves below local rivals, Tottenham

The rivalry between both teams has existed for years and continues to considering that they are local rivals.

None wants the other to be above as they both reside in same area and this has even ripped into the transfer market relationship between both sides.

Speaking to the press, former Chelsea midfielder, Cesc Fabregas has revealed of an anti-Tottenham message former Chelsea captain left for the team on his departure day.

Cesc Fabregas Discloses John Terry's Anti-Spurs Departure Message That Has Kept Chelsea At The Top Of London 1

‘There are certain players who really feel these rivalries and will make sure they do their best to make everybody else understand,’ the Spaniard wrote.

‘Before John Terry was going to play his last game for Chelsea, he made a speech in which he told the players to make sure Tottenham would never overtake Chelsea or be better than them.’

Fabregas went on to express his joy in participating in the London rivalry as he revealed how joyous he always feel whenever he won against Tottenham.

‘Winning a derby can feel close to winning a trophy and it was like this when I won the Battle of the Bridge with Chelsea that meant that Tottenham could not win the Premier League title in 2016,’ he continued.

‘I had been on television not long before the game and said that I did not want Tottenham to win the League, which I know upset their supporters and probably their players.

‘Sometimes as players you have to be so politically correct and speak like a politician, but I was just being honest and speaking my true feelings. I did not think I went over the top because I think people know that I don’t want Spurs winning the title, ever.

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