Chelsea Press Conference: Tuchel Names Chelsea Star He Loves Most, Injury Update and Many More

Tuchel in his press conference today provided update on his squad, how he feels making it into the UCL and many more

Chelsea are through into the FA Cup final and the Uefa champions league final with a decisive EPL game up in front tomorrow.

The Blues boss held press conference ahead of his game against Manchester City tomorrow.

Below are all he said in his press conference.

Tuchel on how he feels after reaching UCL final;

“It was a nice morning on Thursday to arrive at Cobham and see everybody happy and enjoying the feeling after a big win. We were starting to organise things for the last week of the season we have, which is a nice reward.

“Now it’s the second day and now it’s time to prepare the next Premier League match, the schedule, flying and other things. The schedule keeps us busy.”

Tuchel on thoughts on travelling to Istanbul;

“I didn’t know there was a discussion around playing the game in England. Honestly, we’ll play wherever it was played. We should’ve played it Istanbul last season but it was in Portugal.

“The sitaution is pretty heavy in Turkey at the moment and things can change quickly. So let’s be open.

“I don’t get involved in the discussions or thoughts as I have enough to do for the team with the upcoming matches. I trust all the people here at Chelsea involved and the other people who decide what happens. At the moment, I prepare for a final in Istanbul.”

Tuchel on if tomorrow’s game is more important cause of UCL final;

“I’m not so sure. The possibility is that they can become champions so their ambitions and determination will not be lower. They have the upper hand because they had one more day to recover and don’t have to travel, we saw how big an impact that can have in the FA Cup.

“We have to deal with it and I think that the final in Istanbul will be pretty unique no matter what the score is tomorrow, no matter if we win or they win or if we draw. I think both teams will reflect enough that the special game in Istanbul can turn any result around.

“I try to prepare the game in a normal way and the challenge right now is to get the tiredness out of our legs and our brains. The target is to be in good shape tomorrow and then we’ll see.”

Tuchel on how important it is for him reaching the UCL final.

“I don’t have feelings or revenge in my. It’s statisfying on a personal level but not because of what happened in December [at PSG]. I am just pleased to arrive again in another final of the Champions League, which is huge.

“I am super grateful for the people around me who push me, give me confidence and trust. The challenge at Chelsea has felt so good from the first moment and to arrive at Istanbul will be a huge reward. It’s not more statisfying that Paris aren’t there and I am.

“It’s a team effort and we work hard to have the biggest success. It feels right right now and we need to keep on going. We have two finals now and big, big matches in the Premier League.”

Tuchel on battling Guardiola’s team:

“If you play against Pep you know the most difficult game has arrived because he has coached the best teams in Europe and he leaves his footprint and style of play. His teams are always super hungry to win and he transforms them into a winning machine.

“It was like this at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Man City. They are the benchmark in the Premier League but it is our job to close the gap for 90 minutes. Once you arrive against Pep you know the level is high and you have to be at your best coaching level to give your team full confidence and play at the best level.

“They are used to winning and are a very regular team at the highest level. It’s another big challenge tomorrow.”

Thoughts on Mount and Foden;

“They are examples of how good young players can be and how good young players from England can be. There are the outstanding examples at the moment. I can’t speak about Phil Foden as he’s not my player but you can see the ability and desire to decide the biggest games. I have the impression he is a nice guy and has a clear character like Mason.

“Mason is outstanding and he has the full package of being humble and full of talent. The national team can be very happy to arrive with these players because they are reliable at the highest level and they behave exactly how you want them to behave. They want to learn and be better and they don’t seem to feel the pressure, which is pretty amazing.”

Tuchel on What would success be this season;

“I can’t judge now any result or outcome higher than the other one. It never works like this. I can’t make one goal more important than the other. The reality is that we have to worship every day, stay with our feet on the ground, and i you arrive at a final you’ve not won anything yet.”

Tuchel on Going to play the same way as in the FA Cup semi-final?;

“Haven’t decided yet. We have one day less to recover and it’s away game, so we are travelling today and that’s a key factor at this time of the season. I imagine we’ll need some fresh legs and fresh minds, guys who want to show they deserve a chance in a big fixture.

“If there will be new stuff tacticall I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet. I have to look at who is availi ble.There is a high possibility we will see some changes.”

Tuchel on supporters returning to Stamford Bridge;

“With the guys waiting for us before and after the Madrid game, it was like we were instantly excited and happy for them. We could feel the change of energy so it’s big news and we will be exicted to play with spectators at Wembley and then Stamford Bridge and hopefully Istanbul.

“I hope everyone stays safe because that is the most important.”

Tuchel on differences between the three games vs Manchester City;

“It feels good because it means we are there. We wanted to arrive, had no favourites in terms of who we want to play. We were focused on us and having the chance to play at Istanbul, it was the same in the semi-final.

“The job was to close the game to City for 90 minutes, you never want to accept in football there is any gap. When you play at team like City that is the benchmark, you step up and try to close the gap which is what we did at Wembley.

“It’s a big challenge for us but listen, it’s why we are here and everyone that plays for Chelsea tomorrow will be fully focused and determined to do the best job possible.

“We have to now forget Wednesday as it won’t help us on the pitch. Forget the praise, the positive feedback, the result.”

Tuchel on injury update on Cesar Azpilicueta and others;

“He is a key factor and a key player at this club. He expresses everything I think is typical for Chelsea. He is a fighter, a team player, he doesn’t accept limits, a top professional, a nice guy and a guy who loves sport. He does everything to play at this level, he is very self aware and it’s a pleasure to have him in the group.

“It was like this from the first moment, we had a strong connection. I met an honest and open young man who is super reliable on the pitch and who leaves his heart out there on the pitch. He is a true leader in his way and we are very happy he plays all the time because he deserves it with his mentality, mindset and ambition.

“For the injury list, it doesn’t change too much. Kova is out but we hope to bring him back for Arsenal and then hopefully for Wembley. It will be tight for Arsenal but for tomorrow he is out. Everyone else is ready.

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