Chelsea Press Conference: Thomas Tuchel Breaks Silence On Mendy Kepa Decision, Discloses New Plan On Lukaku, Laments Over New Injuries And More

Chelsea Press Conference: Thomas Tuchel Breaks Silence On Mendy Kepa Decision, Discloses New Plan On Lukaku, Laments Over New Injuries And More

Chelsea held the press conference ahead of their game against Southampton on Saturday

The Blues look to get off their two games consecutive heavy losses with Edouard Mendy flawing in both games with series of errors.

Just every other manager, everyone expects Thomas Tuchel to drop Mendy for a while and install Kepa who has been training alongside the Senegalese.

Thomas Tuchel Breaks Silence on Edouard Mendy Amid Kepa Swap Expectation

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“It’s life as goalkeeper on a high level. It’s a special position in football. You are in the spotlight. When you are so successful like Edou, you are even more in the spotlight. He was never fully free of mistakes. We helped him better, sometimes more lucky.

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“Of course he can solve this situation much better, he knows. It’s a bad timing to do in a match like Real Madrid. I hope it does not affect his self confidence too much. It’s about accepting and living with mistakes, to refocus, stay calm and confident. Now he can prove he is a true champion.

“I felt like we gave a huge opportunity away, it’s not normal to play UCL quarter-finals. Huge night, not at our best level. That’s why we were disappointed and angry. It’s best to express it like it is and don’t hide. I had to face you after the match, I wasn’t good at hiding mine [emotions]. I was disappointed because I know how much better we can play.

“I had some reasons [to be angry]. From there we go, nobody will lack my support, love or appreciate as a group or players. I love to be involved. Sometimes you have to do it.”

Thomas Tuchel Speaks On Back-To-Back Losses

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“We don’t like it. It’s very untypical for us. We looked, talked to the team about it, about how we can improve. We need to stop this type of direction as soon as possible. The best possibility is tomorrow.

“The schedule is not playing a part that you concede seven goals. The schedule is challenging, so we are with Liverpool far ahead in game minutes, and is a big challenge because in 2022, we had a lot of extra-times so it adds up.

“When you face teams like Brentford, Southampton and very soon Crystal Palace/Arsenal, who are not involved in so many games, it’s a big challenge, but it’s nothing new. It’s nothing to look for excuses. That’s the way it is when you work and play for Chelsea. Don’t get comfortable accepting that it’s hard, embrace it.”

Thomas Tuchel Speaks On Takeover Bid Deadline Being Extended

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“I didn’t know this. It is what it is. It was not a discussion type of meeting yesterday. I gave my point of view, which was sometimes necessary. Over the last two games, we thought it was necessary to give our point of view.”

“We don’t point fingers, look for guilty people, but we had to point out things that we weren’t happy [with]. [The meeting] was about the game. What we lacked doing.

“It’s not about general criticism, it’s about detailed situations. I love the players, group, and we can do better together. I hope so [it’s a blip]. We have a lot of reasons to think so. It came out of literally nothing.

“It’s on us to find solutions. Not to complain too much. These are the moments where you stick together.”

Thomas Tuchel Speaks On Romelu Lukaku

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“It’s not only for Romelu who is lacking shape at the moment after national break. We all lack sharpness and shape.

“A lack of form individually, affects the group of course. He had one big chance, nothing helps more than goals. It would’ve been a huge boost for him.

“He really did [take care of training in last few days]. Hopefully he comes back to training with no pain to be available for tomorrow.”

Thomas Tuchel Speaks On Kante Struggles

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“I don’t know. I can’t answer the question. It can be an ongoing debate, nobody knows. N’Golo is a key player, outstanding and unique qualities, that can give something to the team nobody can.

“He struggles with consistency due to injuries, illness. This is also a reason in our bit for inconsistency, we missed him for so many matches.

“Now he’s fasting due to his religion so maybe another reason. For many days if you don’t drink/eat during day, it can have an effect.

“He’s used to it, but it could be part of the explanation to not be on the highest level.”

Thomas Tuchel Speaks On New Injuries

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“I don’t hope so. Callum Hudson-Odoi is still out. It’s not a matter of days at the moment, it’s a matter of weeks unfortunately.

“We are a bit in doubt with Romelu and Hakim Ziyech. We need confirmation at 3pm to see if they available tomorrow.”