Christian Coleman gets suspension over test miss

112945175 coleman2
112945175 coleman2

World 100 metres champion,  Christian Coleman, bagged provisional suspension over miss of third doping test.

United States’ national, Christian Coleman, gets provisionally suspended for going against the USADA rules on drug policy. The athlete who had in recent times complained of filing malapropism told the media of his resilience to live on being tagged a drug addict.

” USADA and AIU rules are finely and clearly understood by all. There’s a reason to obey even in the face of compromise. I am willing to take a drug test every single day for the rest of my career for all I care to prove my innocence”, Coleman told the media.

Christian Coleman of the United States in a race(Photo by Gettt images)

The 24 year old sport darling has concurrently missed three schedules for general Anti-doping test in repugnance to the existing regulating principles.


Extensively, The United State Drug Agency (USADA) also spoke with sanction in response to Coleman’s case. The body make claims of their interest in the matter and did clarify that the athlete is guilty of his allegations.

” I do hope that necessary reforms are made so as to infringe not on the personal right of athletic practitioners.  I boldly await AIU’s take on this. This doesn’t refute my disapproval on intake of performance-enhancing drugs” Coleman added with defiance.

In the early days of June 2020,  Bahraini world 400m champion Salwa Eid Naser was provisionally suspended after missing four doping tests.

Coleman in a state of ponderance

Christain Coleman won his debut max title at the World Championships in Doha last year. Three whereabouts failures within the frame of one year in attendance to droping test resulted in the ban which most likely would last for two years.