Cristiano Ronaldo Man United Jersey Number Finally Revealed

The Portuguese just completed a reunion move back to Old Trafford after spending 13-years out

Cristiano Ronaldo has just by many been poised as Man United’s best signing since Man United signed him for the first time back in 2003.

Having spent 3 seasons in Italy where he joined forces with Juventus after departing from Real Madrid, Ronaldo has finally returned to the club where he established his glory.

Ronaldo’s story can’t be talked without mentioning Manchester United as it’s the club that provided him with the platform to prove he is world best.

Cristiano Ronaldo Man United Jersey Number Finally Revealed 1

In quest to give back the favor, the Portuguese has been seen returned to the club after turning down move to rival side, Manchester City.

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But having completed the move, it’s doubted by many if he would get back in his number 7 jersey.

Considering the fact that the number 7 jersey is currently occupied by Edinson Cavani.

Well, according to comments from Rio Ferdinand, it’s clear that Ronaldo will pick his former number following his return to United.

“Cavani, I have to say, what a man,” Ferdinand spoke about Cavani vacating the number 7 jersey for Ronaldo.

“He saw who was coming to town and gave up the number 7 shirt. Maybe I don’t know..” Ferdinand added.

Cristiano Ronaldo Man United Jersey Number Finally Revealed 2

Although yet to be printed on the shirt bearing Ronaldo’s name, but it’s now known what Jersey number he is more likely to wear following his dramatic come back.

Ronaldo has netted 674 goals in all of his 897 club appearances.

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