Cristiano Ronaldo Reacts To Harry Kane Sensational Display Against Albania

Cristiano Ronaldo has reacted to Harry Kane stunning Albania with first half Hattrick on Friday

Harry Kane produced a stunning performance as England thrashed out Albania 5-0 in half time alone.

Although the second 45-minutes couldn’t provide more goals but the first half show was worthy enough to justify the game.

England kick in earlier and throughout the first half made life hell for Albania who couldn’t even find one shot on target while conceding 5 goals.

Harry Kane scores his third goal against Albania on Friday night

Of all his goals in the first half, the most stunning was his bike kick from a corner kick and in a very tight space.

This definitely stunned many including Cristiano Ronaldo who is used to netting such goals.

No one clearly expected Kane to strike in such a way in that location but he did and hit the target well.

The 28-year-old now has 7 goals in 7 game for England in the ongoing competition.

Speaking in reaction to the goal, Ronaldo said; “It’s something not done everyday. It takes precision and boldness to attack the ball that way.

“His timing was accurate and his striking was tuned fine, there is no way the keeper is saving that.

Continuing, Ronaldo hailed Kane; “He has been a top footballer since the past years and he is ready to continue.

“He scores good goals and when it’s important, he is a very top top striker.”

Harry Kane celebrate his goal against Albania on Friday night.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal failed to find any goals as their own encounter brought them goalless draw.