Dani Alves Discloses Better Manager Between Thomas Tuchel And Pep Guardiola

Dani Alves Discloses Better Manager Between Thomas Tuchel And Pep Guardiola

The 38-year-old has finally disclosed who he views better manager after playing under both coaches

Alves has shared his thought on who he believes is a better manager between Pep Guardiola and former Paris Saint German manager who is currently managing Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel.

The former Barcelona back man who played many games under Pep Guardiola also did get some guides from Thomas Tuchel before the German was dismissed as PSG manager.

Both Tuchel and Guardiola are now in the Premier League and with their magical tactics are a both proving to be tough heads.

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Manchester City are the Premier League defending Champions who are pushing hard to retain the trophy as they are still top of the table with few games while Thomas Tuchel’s side, Chelsea are UEFA Champions League holders who are also pushing hard to keep the trophy for another year.

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Lots of comparison have been hitting round the blocks between both managers on who is better manager, seeing both men attain top heights and now competing in the same league.

Although, Tuchel managed three straight victories against Guardiola including Champions League final win, but the Spanish manager has managed to maintain victories against Tuchel since then (2).

Dani Alves in an interview said; “Well, I can understand it [comparison]. Perhaps the main similarity is their great capacity to identify different roles for their players.

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“Both have good eyes to see where certain players can be more useful. I remember when he [Tuchel] said to me, ‘Dani, it’s a waste to have you as a full-back because you’re not going to touch the ball as much as you should’.

“I thought that was a great compliment. It did work well, too, as I felt comfortable in that position.”