They Must Leave – Tuchel Discloses Chelsea Men Expected To Leave This Summer

The German was disappointed to see his men go from 1 goal in advantage on aggregate to 1 goal behind in just minutes

Chelsea suffered a huge one yesterday as Karim Benzema did still put Real Madrid back on track despite the Spanish side slumping earlier.

Blues almost had their problems solved but a little slack in performance saw Real Madrid edging past them.

Just at the wake of Timo Werner’s goal, Rodrygo came off the bench to put both sides back on level ground on aggregate, helping Los Blancos head into the extra time.

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A very close header from Karim Benzema turned the tables as Edouard Mendy failed to make a save.

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Thomas Tuchel after the game wasn’t happy in any way as he expected to make it past the Quarter finals being the defending Champions.

Speaking after the game, the German shared his disappointment as he also disclosed some players may leave this summer if performances don’t improve.

“We are very disappointed and v proud at the same time. We played a fantastic match and deserved what we had,” Tuchel said.

“We scored four goals and had big chances to score even more. We were unlucky, that’s is why we are disappointed. We got beaten by pure individual quality and offensive conversion after our mistakes.

“Unfortunately, we had two mistakes after ball wins, and they were the most crucial moments in games against Real Madrid. In the end, we were unlucky.

“We deserved to go through after this performance and match today, but it was not meant to be. As you know, in games like these, you need luck and it was not on our side maybe because some players failed to perform well. I know the boys tried but there could be few outgoings this summer which I am comfortable with.

“The players lived up to the plan in a very different way than we did against Brentford and in the first leg, although some couldn’t make the impact that was expected of them.

“This is a huge difference. We were never shy of making the point that this is the most important: how we live up to a tactic and how lively we play in a structure. This was at the full limit today.

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“This is where the credit goes to the players. We were very disciplined on the ball and very active and had a lot of investment off the ball. We showed a lot of courage, and from there, we showed a lot of quality, and this was the right way to do it.

“This is what we did against Southampton to show a reaction three days ago, and it’s what we did today.

“I’m very happy. It’s the way to go forward. We demand a lot from the players, and if we have this kind of effort, we are a special team. If not, we can lose against anybody. So the point is made.

“The demands are high and to demand it in three matches with our schedule is not easy, but they showed a lot of character today and can be very proud. But at the same time, we are disappointed.”