Didier Drogba Reacts To Failed European Super League

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The Ivorian is one of the many excited to see the proposal collapsing in a short while

Chelsea led the way of exit from the controversial European Super League led by Real Madrid President; Florentino Perez.

After learning of the displeasure from both the fans, the team, the government bodies and other football officiating bodies, Roman Abramovic gave his side a go ahead to pull out of the league.

The league which was meant to never see it’s founding members ever relegated despite how bad they performed posed as a threat to modern football competition.

Didier Drogba Reacts To Failed European Super League 1

Speaking to the media, Drogba shared his excitement on learning the league actually collapsed despite the hype from Florentino Perez.

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‘Promotion, relegation, unexpected results is what drives the emotions of the game,’ the former Chelsea striker said.

‘Being together, as players, as fans… that’s what makes it the beautiful game,’ he told his 2 million followers on Twitter.

‘“Little” Greece beating the “big” Portugal few years ago, Red Star Belgrade beating my team Marseille or even Leicester City working hard to win the Premier League title in front of the “big four” is what makes football the beautiful game.

‘Imagine all this effort and not being allowed to compete against other teams because you’re not one of them despite playing the same game.

‘It’s a kind of discrimination and I’m glad this project is not happening for the sake of the beautiful game and our amazing fans all around the world.’

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