Eriksen’s Former Doctor Stuns Fans With Latest Cryptic Revelation

Eriksen was lucky enough to have regained consciousness just minutes after his collapse

Eriksen unfortunately couldn’t participate to the end of the game after collapsing late in the first half.

Denmark went on to lose 1-0 to Finland as the game was resumed but thoughts have so far remained with Eriksen.

Meanwhile, according to the midfielder’s former Doctor, Sanjay Sharma of St. Gregory’s University of London, he had no signs of such things happening to him when last he was checked.

Eriksen's Former Doctor Stuns Fans With Latest Cryptic Revelation 1

Sanjay went on to express that he was sure to have check Eriksen’s system properly and he had always been very fit for games.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God? Is there something there that we didn’t see?” Sanjay said.

“But I have looked at all the test results and everything looked perfect.

“From the day we signed him, it was my job to screen him and we tested him every year.

“So certainly his tests up to 2019 were completely normal, with no obvious underlying cardiac fault. I can vouch for that because I did the tests.”

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