Ex-Brazilian Goalie, Julio Cesar Drops Verdict On Alisson Becker Amid World Cup Painful Exit

Former Brazilian Goalkeeper, Julio Cesar took sometime to analyse Alisson Becker’s performance during their stay at Qatar’s World Cup.

Cesar explained:
“I think that, as a whole, Alisson [Becker] had a nice World Cup. In the first two games he wasn’t tested much, there were almost no shots on goal, in the third game Ederson came in and against Korea he had a great game.”

“The saves against Korea only showed why he was wearing the number one shirt for the national team, why he is Tite’s number one. No one had any doubts as to why he was starting.”

“Against Croatia, he had few participations during the game: a single shot on goal, a deflected ball and Alisson was unable to save. I think because he’s out of the game, that’s bad for a goalkeeper.”

“Obviously, in all defeats there will be criticism. Alisson was once considered the best goalkeeper in the world; today he is top-three without a doubt.”

Alisson is back with the squad as he plans to put the negative things behind and focus on his future with Liverpool and the Premier League.

The boss has announced that Alisson won’t feature in the FA Cup game versus Man City although he will be present and ready for action as the season’s activities continue.

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