Fabrizio Romano Discloses Dortmund’s Most Recent Erling Haaland Transfer Message

According to the top transfer reporter, Dortmund have relayed their latest decision to Chelsea

Erling Haaland remains the top priority at Stamford Bridge according to several sources as it’s claimed the Blues only want a striker of his caliber.

The Norwegian has over time proved to be top talent and as such drawn interests from most top flight teams including Real Madrid and Chelsea.

But with Real Madrid having a lot of negative figures to balance, Chelsea are more on the front page when Haaland is discussed.

Fabrizio Romano Discloses Dortmund's Most Recent Erling Haaland Transfer Message 1

Following reports from the past, it’s no new thing Dortmund won’t be leaving Haaland for little amount coupled with the face they already let go of Jadon Sancho.

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Meanwhile, according to Fabrizio lately, Dortmund have told Chelsea they are in no hurry over the Haaland deal and as such have not placed any deadline.

Making Chelsea able to continue negotiating for Haaland until the end of the summer window of which they are likely to reach an agreement soon.

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