Ferdinand Drops Verdict On United’s Goal Keeping Role Amidst De Gea Worry

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David De Gea is linked to a possible exit after being dropped for Dean Henderson

Ole Solskjaer has now for the 7th time in a row opted for Dean Henderson ahead of the Spaniard.

Inside sources disclose the relationship between Ole and the former Atletico keeper isn’t growing any better as was even expected to have been dropped long before now.

Although, it’s a fact that Dean Henderson is considered more of a futuristic number 1 for Man United keeping role but fizzling out De Gea in this manner could Force him into pushing for an exit.

Same way former Man United defender, Rio Ferdinand believes the 30-year-old won’t remain with the club should United finish the current campaign without him coming in between the sticks.

Henderson on the other hand has endured a long wait before being instated as United’s preferred option in the past recent games.

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‘If Dean Henderson finishes the season as number one, I don’t see De Gea staying there. No chance, I don’t see it. I think he’ll go out now, Ferdinand said.

‘His wages will be a determining factor but at the end of the day, two number ones doesn’t work. De Gea has been a mainstay in the team but Ole is maybe seeing things differently now.

‘He’s put Henderson in front of him in the queue. Does De Gea accept that and stay? I don’t think so.

Rio believes despite Henderson seeming ready after the long wait to get into full action, it’s still likely he may not live up to the pressures of being the lead figure in United’s goalkeeping department.

‘Henderson has been waiting for this opportunity,Ferdinand continued. ‘Now the pressure is on him. Can he live up to the hype? I’m excited for him and looking forward to see what he can do.

‘Solskjaer has seen something in him but he has to perform now. It’s okay being number one at Sheffield United, but it’s a different kettle of fish at Manchester United.

‘David will be supporting his team-mate but when he gets home tonight, his pride and ego will be hurting, and if it’s not, he shouldn’t be here. He’s in the prime of his career and he wants to play every week.’

Man United will take on Granada on Thursday for there Europa League tie as their earlier defeat over AC Milan got them tied against the Spaniards.