Former United Striker, Dimitar Berbatov Aims Serious Jab At Harry Maguire Ahead Of Watford Match

The former Man United man has shaped dig against Harry Maguire who he believes his celebration in England Match wasn’t necessary

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire has just been called out by former United attacker, Dimitar Berbatov following his celebration during World-Cup qualifiers.

Harry Maguire did put out pretty performances during the international break with several goal but in one of his goals, he did present a celebration style that has seen him criticized severally.

The 28-year-old in his celebration displayed a gesture that meant he is listening to his critics.

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire during a football match with his country side, England.

According to several persons already, including the England Manager, Southgate and former United player, Roy Keane; Maguire picked definitely the wrong celebration style.

The only issue all these persons are having with Maguire celebrating in such way is his inability to produce clean sheets at Man United.

Same problem to why Berbatov believes Maguire picked the wrong celebration, infact a striker’s celebration.

According to Berbatov the celebration style is only for Strikers who are been criticized in a spell of goal drought and not for defenders who haven’t been able to produce clean sheets.

Former Man United attacker Dimitri Berbatov.

“This celebration is usually reserved for strikers who are getting criticism for not scoring,” Berbatov said to Betfair.

“But for Maguire as a defender he should figure out a celebration for when he keeps a clean sheet.”

Man United will take on Watford this weekend with hopes of returning to winnings after a defeat to Manchester City before the international break.