Frank Lampard Takes Jab At Jorginho’s Criticisms On Him Losing Chelsea Job

The former Chelsea boss responded to Jorginho’s claims he isn’t experienced enough for Chelsea job

Frank Lampard was replaced by Thomas Tuchel as spells of unsuccessful run.

Chelsea have since his departure taken a better direction as they are now to battle for the UEFA champions league final and also in line for a top four finish.

Lampard left Chelsea struggling in the 9th position and Jorginho claimed amid his departure he wasn’t experienced enough for the Chelsea job.

Frank Lampard Takes Jab At Jorginho's Criticisms On Him Losing Chelsea Job 1

In his claims, Jorginho also stated the former Chelsea midfielder had skipped some steps in his learning process and needed to go back to the drawing board.

In response as he is lined up for a Crystal Palace return, Lampard said to Telegraph;

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‘It’s always going to be a fact as a manager when you leave a club, there will be some players who did not play so much and they might have a feeling or a judgement on how you work and they can make statements.

‘For me, I have to expect that as much as I expect the good statements from players who are really positive about how you work. I’ve got no big issue with that.

“I’ve seen some quotes saying that Frank Lampard took this job with his heart. I absolutely didn’t. I don’t make any professional decisions with my heart. Maybe I’m the absolute opposite of that.

‘I’ll go over them a hundred times in my head, but I certainly didn’t with my heart. I took it with a pragmatic view of: ‘what’s the situation? OK, this is Chelsea, I’m going from Derby to Chelsea.’

‘Not many managers would turn that down head or heart, let’s get it right.

‘After my year at Derby, I was pretty clear that I wanted to go into Chelsea, make them move the ball quicker, make them penetrate lines quicker.

‘I wanted to go and do my thing and try to bring through some younger players into the team. I did that. I didn’t get to the end game, but I certainly think I did a lot of things that I can be proud of.

Frank Lampard Takes Jab At Jorginho's Criticisms On Him Losing Chelsea Job 2

‘I come away with an overall feeling of pride in what I did in the job. I wanted to stay longer, I wanted real tangible success which, at Chelsea, is winning cups and winning leagues, but it didn’t happen.

‘Hopefully, from where I took over the job, I’ve laid down strong foundations for the future and in the context of where I wanted my managerial career to go, it was an amazing experience.’

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