Gaspart on Laporta’s Meeting with Former Presidents: “No Illegality Was Committed”

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FC Barcelona’s Past and Present Presidents Unite to Defend Club Against Attacks, Gaspart Confident Amid Madrid Challenge

In a significant and unifying move, FC Barcelona’s current president, Joan Laporta, convened an informal dinner meeting with four former presidents of the club. The distinguished gathering included Josep Maria Bartomeu, Sandro Rosell, Enric Reyna, and Joan Gaspart. 

The purpose of this meeting was to establish a formidable front against the recent surge in attacks and derogatory comments aimed at undermining the club’s stability, a situation that has grown increasingly conspicuous in recent times.

During the meeting, Joan Gaspart, who presided over FC Barcelona from 2000 to 2003, articulated a resolute stance shared by all attendees that the club had committed no wrongdoing in the Negreira case.

This collective position aimed to dispel any doubts regarding the club’s integrity in the face of recent allegations. He said:  

“The phrase ‘no illegality was committed’ regarding the Negreira case was repeated several times during the dinner of former presidents. Also, that there is full confidence in justice,”

“Those in Madrid will not kill us because they will not be able to. This union we have in the club makes it impossible,” he added.

The prevailing sentiment that Barcelona is facing orchestrated attacks from the Spanish capital was not hidden. However, Joan Gaspart, an emblematic figure in the club’s history, expressed unwavering confidence that these attacks will not tarnish the Blaugrana’s resilience.

As a testament to the success and significance of the gathering, Joan Gaspart extended his gratitude to President Laporta for orchestrating the meeting. He believes that the meeting signifies a united front among Barcelona’s past and present leaders while displaying unity and commitment to the club’s well-being.

somtosport telegram channel
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