How Can Ronaldo Raise The Stakes After His Man Utd Nightmare?

There’s no doubting the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players ever to kick a ball.

He’s had an illustrious career littered with trophies. He guided Portugal to a European Championship and, this winter, will become part of an illustrious group of players to have appeared in five World Cup tournaments.

He’s won the Champions League, Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, as well as the Ballon d’Or. However, he’s currently on the fringes of the Manchester United squad, a discarded luxury in Eric ten Hag’s revolution.

That leaves him at a crossroads in his career. He will be 38 in February, and whilst he is still an impressive athlete, the big-money moves to the world’s top clubs may have dried up. What will the next move be for CR7? Will he call his manager’s bluff and stay in football? Or is it time to fold his career and take up something else?

Here are the main options available to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Stay At Manchester United

Two football options are available to Ronaldo; one is staying at Manchester United. It seems unlikely given his recent sporadic outings and petulant outbursts, but you never know in football.

He was tipped to sign a new contract in the summer, and he is a commercial asset, even if his manager doesn’t see him as a footballing one. He might feel he has unfinished business with his return not bringing a trophy, but if his recent actions are anything to go by, he won’t be at Old Trafford come July.

Move To Another Club

The second option he could take inside the game is the most likely, but where would he go? His former club, Sporting Lisbon, have been linked with an emotional move for him, but his homecoming could be scuppered by potential wages.

However, he’s not wanting for money, so maybe he will drop his demands to facilitate a move. There have also been strong links to Inter Miami of Major League Soccer; perhaps a final swansong across the Atlantic would pique his footballing interest?

Take Up Full Time Poker

Away from football, he could quite easily turn to professional poker. He is one of a number of top athletes who play poker, and he’s been the brand ambassador for a major poker brand for a while now. Poker would offer the excitement he might miss should he hang up his boots, and it’s served as a great vehicle for other players to flex their competitive muscles, including Neymar, Gerard Pique and former England striker Teddy Sheringham.

Become An Actor

Some footballers become actors after their careers; Pele even starred in a Hollywood movie. Neymar has appeared in the Spanish TV series Money Heist, whilst Vinny Jones is now better known for his aggressive movie roles than his gratuitous violence on the pitch. Ronaldo has claimed he’d like to be an actor after he finishes playing, and there’s no doubt he enjoys entertaining people, as he has throughout his career. It might be the perfect fit.

Pursue Business Interests

Ronaldo isn’t just a footballer – he’s a brand. CR7 has a fashion line, a fragrance, and a range of hotels, and that’s just the tip of his commercial empire. Post-football, many players end up turning into astute businessmen, and Ronaldo has a head start in terms of his own marketability.

There’s every chance that he could leave Manchester United this summer and continue to raise the stakes with his image in a number of business ventures, not unlike Inter Miami supremo David Beckham, another former Manchester United number 7.

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