John Terry Discloses Next Chelsea Captain 2022/2023

The former Chelsea captain believes a proper replacement is already in the squad as Azpilicueta nears end of his playing days

César Azpilicueta isn’t getting any younger as he is currently in his 30s which means quest for a new captain is probably already in place.

Currently, Jorginho stands as the Vice Captain but according to John Terry, there is another player in the squad who is even more fit for the position than Jorginho.

Several players already displayed the leadership spirit in Chelsea, majorly because of how Tuchel has managed to position his players’ mentality.

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Chelsea is a team of non-individual brilliance, rather every single player contributing huge to a complex team goal.

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This makes it impossible to tie down a Chelsea player and stop the whole squad. A squad where even Back-men score more goals than some teams’ strikers.

But in picking the next Chelsea captain, some would go for Mason Mount, some will go for Reece James whole some would even go for Jorginho to take on the position.

Speaking in an interview, former Chelsea captain; John Terry has already disclosed his preferred player for this position.

The English defender believes it would be best if his fellow English man inherits the honor to be next Chelsea Captain as he vouches for Mason Mount saying;

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“I think Mason [Mount] has got the ability to go on and I think he’s capable of grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck if we need to.

“The Chelsea fans relate to him. He is Chelsea through and through. His family are as well. I would personally love to see Mason take it.”

Chelsea get back in action on 2nd April, 2022 as they are faced with a jam-packed fixture list this April.