Just In: Andrea Christensen Discloses How He Intends To Stop Harry Kane

Chelsea ace defender, Andrea Christensen has revealed his determination top stop Harry Kane

Denmark are awaiting to find out their fate tonight when they battle England and Christensen has assured to try to turn things in their favor by stopping the English team’s goal scorer.

Christensen will be playing face to face with the Spurs’ sensational scorer and believes he can add Kane to his list of stopped strikers.

The 25-year-old has gone to become a very good defender in the Chelsea squad since the arrival of Thiago Silva who is applauded mostly for having influenced the club’s defense department in such a positive way.

Speaking ahead of the game, Christensen didn’t fail to acknowledge the fact Harry Kane is a threat that needs to be careful with.

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‘We know his qualities and everyone has an idea of what we can do to stop him,’ said the Chelsea defender this week in the build-up to the much-anticipated clash.

Kane’s teammate, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg who happens to be Danish has been said by Christensen to be giving full insights on what Kane is more like.

‘Pierre-Emile knows him and it may be that he can share some things. All players have their habits and we must take advantage of them. He is good with his feet and he is one of the best finishers in football.’

‘I react a lot on instinct,’ Christensen explained. ‘He is very big so it’s hard to get into his body but he also has great qualities with his feet so you should not get too close either.’

Denmark’s last visit to Wembley left them with a 1-0 win during their Nations League game back in October and Christensen believes this can serve as an inspiration to help gear up a win tonight.

‘We can use that to make us believe that it’s possible,’ he added. ‘We’re going to be outnumbered but we’re happy and we try to be as calm as we can.

‘We’ve shown we have the quality to play against the best. As a team, I would not say they are that much better.’

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