Just In: Xavi Sends Reunion Message To Lionel Messi Ahead Of Summer Transfer Window

The Barca manager is keen on reuniting with former teammate Lionel Messi Ahead of the summer transfer window

Barcelona although haven’t been bad since the arrival of Xavi, but on Lionel Messi’s departure, the Catalans witnessed a major slack.

The current squad is in a very fine for but according to Xavi, a touch of Lionel Messi will spark the whole thing to light.

Messi hasn’t enjoyed the best of football since arriving Paris Saint German with the side currently out of the UEFA Champions League.

The issue at Paris Saint German has once in a time made the fans boo the Balon d’Or winner and Xavi believes a return to Barca will be favorable.

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“I have a very fine squad and I can’t deny that. They work as hard as that impresses me,” Xavi told Marca.

“The Board impressed me during the winter transfer and I know they are ready for us to achieve a goal together.

“It’s not been a very good form before my arrival and I can see alot has changed and am happy my tactics are working out fine.

“We want to win trophies next season although I haven’t written off this season but next season is very crucial to us because we will be in the Champions League too.”

Asked on who he views a possible reunion with Lionel Messi, Xavi continued; “That won’t be a bad idea, players return to their old clubs if they wish to. Especially players who are so talented like Lionel Messi.

“We saw how things happened with Alves and he is here and everyone is happy. Messi will come back if he interested for that.

“Things are more settled now both financially so we can see what we can achieve with time to come.”

Barcelona will lock horns with Levante later today as they look to continue their unbeaten streak.