Juventus Director Provides Fresh Update On Cristiano Ronaldo Situation

Federico Cherubini was newly appointed as Juventus‘ Director and has revealed his club’s stance on Ronaldo’s future

Cristiano Ronaldo staying at Juventus has been a doubt over the past weeks prior to Portugal’s eviction from the Euro competition.

Ronaldo was all out in the game but unfortunately Belgium managed to advance past the defending Champions as Thorgan Hazard provided the only goal of the game with an outside box strike.

Just like every other player, Ronaldo is now free to focus on making decisions about his future as his National side is out of the race for Euro glory.

Juventus Director Provides Fresh Update On Cristiano Ronaldo Situation 1

The 36-year-old was initially linked to a move back to Manchester United as Juventus struggled to finish in the UCL qualifying zone.

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It was believed then that the club’s qualification status will help determine if Ronald is staying or not, but with them managing to have scaled through into the zone, Federico Cherubini has now confirmed the Portuguese will remain with the club.

“There has been no sign from Ronaldo about a possible move, and no sign from Juve,” Federico Cherubini said.

“We are very happy that Ronaldo will rejoin the team once the rest period after the European Championship is over.”

The former Real Madrid forward still has his contract with Juve valid until summer of 2022 and won’t be in a haste to make decisions.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi became a free agent yesterday after seeing his contract with Barcelona expire.

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