Kai Havertz Sends Message To England Ahead Of Wembley Show

Havertz returns to London tonight with hopes of adding to his English memories

Germany will lock horns with England today for the Round of 16s of the ongoing Euro competition and Kai Havertz is hopeful to make a mark as he returns to the country.

The German signed for Chelsea months ago after a much talked deal and has managed to become an integral part of the side’s striking force.

Just like he managed to score important goals for Chelsea, the 22-year-old has provided Germany with several crucial goals that also helped to get them through to this round.

Kai Havertz Sends Message To England Ahead Of Wembley Show 1

Although Havertz saw some part of his London arrival intercepted by a covid 19 illness that slowed down his development process in England.

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Speaking ahead of his London return, Havertz said; ‘The illness hit me hard,’ Kai reflected at a press conference yesterday.

‘It lasted some four to five weeks before I could even think of getting back on to a football pitch. During the time I was ill, I was quite ill, to be honest. And I wish it upon absolutely no one.

‘Then the aftermath was difficult, too. I really had to work hard to get back to the pre-Covid fitness levels. You have to live with it.

‘I haven’t really explored London a lot or as much as I would have liked to,’ added the 22-year-old.

‘It really is difficult to do anything in terms of leisure activities. Every three days you have an important match coming up, so there is precious little time to go sightseeing or go for a meal.

Kai Havertz Sends Message To England Ahead Of Wembley Show 2

‘It looks a bit bleak but that’s the way it is. You come home from training and are happy about every hour that you can spend inside your own flat.

‘I do hope that later, London will give me much more joy, and I’ll have many, many good London experiences.’

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