N’Golo Kante Sends Kylian Mbappe Message To Chelsea Board After Reconnecting With Close Friend On International Break

The Frenchmen have had very good relationship in the past and it’s believed their closeness could help Mbappe want to join his countryman

Paris Saint German attacker, Kylian Mbappe is keen on leaving the French League 1 this season and Real Madrid have emerged as a possible destination.

Even the youngster has stated that Real Madrid is his dream club but according to how things may unfold, Mbappe could head elsewhere.

Currently back with his country for the international break, Mbappe has reconnected with several of his national teammates including N’Golo Kante.

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Kante has grown a very healthy relationship with Mbappe over the past years, a relationship that’s even unknown to the media but amid the ongoing exit saga, it’s gradually unfolding how close both men have actually been.

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In one of his interviews, Mbappe disclosed how he has fun whenever he is with Kante for the International break which could also suggest for wanting to spend longer time playing in same eleven with the 30-years-old midfielder.

In a recent interview, Kante has sparked lots of expectations after a strong comment about Kylian Mbappe’s exit saga.

“Yes, we know that he wants to leave PSG, he says it always lately in the training, I heard him say it many times, but maybe he is joking cause he will laugh so loud after saying it too,” Kante said of Mbappe.

“I wish he was in the same club with me, he is a very good striker and he has a lot of speed inside his both legs.

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“You know, every team wants a chance to own him, everyone wants to sign him but only few can do that because he is world-class.

“But if I was to be the board in my club, Chelsea I will sign him immediately (laughs).

“The transfer will be very tough cause even Paris don’t want to let him go but he may go if he really want to.”