Kim Little Explains What It Feels Like Being Part Of Arsenal Women team

Kim Little recently penned an extension deal with Arsenal Women Team as she took her time share what it feels like working with the North Londoners

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Kim Little Explains What It Feels Like Being Part Of Arsenal Women team

Kim Little, the seasoned 32-year-old football star, has had an illustrious career, donning jerseys for some of the finest teams around the globe.

We’ve witnessed Kim Little’s magic not only in Arsenal but also in Reign Women in the NWSL and Melbourne City Women in the Australian League.

However, what truly captured our attention in a recent open chat with were her insightful revelations about the essence of a team.

For Kim, a team isn’t just about the players’ skills on the field; it’s about their personalities and how they mesh with the team’s playing style.

She passionately believes that Arsenal women have mastered this art of cohesion. To her, it’s all about letting players be themselves and allowing their unique strengths to blend harmoniously for the team’s success.

In her words, “I think it’s variety, both in terms of characters in the dressing room and player styles on the pitch, and then the ability to connect those two dynamics. That has definitely developed as we’ve all spent time together.”

“Diversity is the spice that flavors the Arsenal women’s team. Some players are boisterous and outgoing, while others exude a calm and composed energy.

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“This blend of personalities is the secret to high-performance and a recipe for success. It’s a nurturing environment where every player can comfortably be themselves.

“And let’s not forget the midfield, the powerhouse of the team. Each player brings a unique element to the game, and it’s this variety that keeps the game exciting and unpredictable.”

Kim points out that there’s a wealth of experience within the team, with players hailing from different countries and at various stages of their careers.

This diversity is not just a ticket to current success but also a solid foundation for future achievements. The team is a delightful melting pot of talent and learning opportunities.

Arsenal women’s team has indeed come a long way, capturing our hearts with every match they play. Their loyal fan base packs the Emirates and Meadow Park, showing unwavering support.

With such an exceptional squad, we can’t help but hope that this season might just be the one where the elusive title, which has escaped them since 2019, finally returns home. The future looks bright, and the journey promises to be filled with excitement and success.

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