Real Madrid Midfielder, Toni Kroos Fires Chelsea Warning To ‘Pompous’ Ancelotti

Real Madrid Midfielder, Toni Kroos Fires Chelsea Warning To 'Pompous' Ancelotti

Toni Kroos still remembers how dangerous Chelsea are as the European Champions and would have preferred been matched against another team

The German has indirectly warned Carlos Ancelotti of his strong claims adding that nobody wants to play Chelsea including Real Madrid.

Chelsea ushered Real Madrid out of the last UEFA Champions League campaign and Kroos still remembers how tough the game was.

Been matched against each other again isn’t a funny thing for Toni Kroos who didn’t hold back before pouring out his confessions.

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Despite being injury-bound, Chelsea still appear very dangerous as a team and would be a very hard nut for Madrid to crack.

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Speaking ahead of the game, Kroos said; “They are the current Champions League champions, so it couldn’t be more difficult,” The German midfielder said on his podcast Einfach mal Luppen.

“There could hardly be a bigger hurdle, but we have to concentrate on ourselves, and if we play well, it’s possible to do a lot of things.

“We have to try to be very good because that’s what we will have to be to reach the semi-finals.

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“Probably nobody wanted PSG in the last 16, and probably nobody wanted Chelsea in the quarter-finals. But that’s the way things are, and we have to accept them.”

Although it isn’t written off that Real Madrid could end Chelsea’s run in the competition but be it as it may, any team that gets past into the Semis will face either Atletico Madrid or Manchester City.