Just In: Kylian Mbappe Responds To Lionel Messi Chelsea Move Advice

The Frenchman is keen on finding the best destination as he prepares to leave Paris Saint German

Chelsea have been put in the front picture in many cases recently and sources claim a move to the West London side could be happening for one of the best attackers in Europe.

Although Real Madrid have been the most mentioned club whenever Mbappe’s departure is talked, it’s now believed that there could be a chance of seeing him end up in Stamford Bridge.

The Frenchman is fed up with the way things are going in Paris and has already turned down several big money offers from the Parisians.

Just In: Kylian Mbappe Finally Responds To Lionel Messi Chelsea Move Advice 1

He wants a new challenge with a better vision after failing to win the UEFA Champions League after so many attempts with the League 1 side.

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Mbappe revealed Real Madrid to be his dream club but with the current development and his hunger for the UCL trophy, Los Blancos could be missing out on the chance of landing him.

Thomas Tuchel remains the only managed who went so close to handing Mbappe the trophy but things went south when both the French attacker and his Brazilian friend, Neymar failed to convert the many chances they had.

But upon his sack the following season, Tuchel went on to return to the final after inheriting Chelsea halfway and then won the trophy he lost to Bayern Munich.

Just In: Kylian Mbappe Finally Responds To Lionel Messi Chelsea Move Advice 2

Maybe one of the reasons Messi stated he would personally pick the Blues instead of a move to Real Madrid if he was to be in Mbappe’s place.

Chelsea just like Real Madrid have the big gap to contain Mbappe’s wage demands despite their current ownership and sanction issues so the issue is more of a decision thing from the player’s side.

In response to the comment made by Lionel Messi, Mbappe answered to a question from a reporter; “Yes, yes he says that because he believes he makes the right decision for himself(laughs).

“But on a more serious note he may be right but am still a PSG player and still focused with the project in the club.

Just In: Kylian Mbappe Finally Responds To Lionel Messi Chelsea Move Advice 3

“This doesn’t mean changes can never come, anything is possible and if anything is to happen, my agent will share to everyone. I just want to focus on winning the Champions League now.”


  1. Besides the current situation at Chelsea which in any event a phase that will come to pass. Chelsea is a well organized project with a lot of positives. Players who wants their firm to grow by winning trophies regularly, will advise them to choose Chelsea. Mbappe’s salary gap might be tooa much for Chelsea but its upto him to lower it and decides whats best for him

  2. L.Messi can be right because Chelsea has a good young squad and in quality so if they add in mbappe,this team will be unstoppable and no one will want to play against it.

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