Latest Chelsea News For Today, Friday, 6th May 2022

Chelsea news
Chelsea news

Latest Chelsea News For Today, Friday, 6th May 2022 can be accessed below.


Somtosport reports that Chelsea are preparing for the summer while their takeover bid is almost completed with Todd Boehly leading the race.

The Blues are hoping to beat the deadline day in quest for a new owner after the UK Government sanctioned Roman Abramovich, making him an invalid owner of the club.

Prior his sanctioning, the Russian Billionaire already due to pressure decided to sell his own shares of the club, backing it with an official announcement on the club’s website.

With his sanctions now in place, and Chelsea affected, it’s no news the club are desperate for a new ownership as they risk losing license to operate after this month if things remain unchanged.

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Somtosport brings you the latest Chelsea News for Today being Friday the 6th day of May, 2022.


Latest Chelsea News For Today, Friday, 6th May 2022

Abramovich Breaks Silence On Payment Of Loan The Club Owes Him

Latest Chelsea News For Today, Friday, 6th May 2022 1

Lately on Thursday, 5th May 2022 it made around the news that the Russian is now demanding for payment of the loan the club owes him.

Should this have been truth then the club sales would be hitting major barrier as sourcing the money would be close to impossible.

In response to the rumor, the club took to it’s official website to announce of Mr Abramovich’s stand.

“Mr Abramovich has not asked for any loan to be repaid to him – such suggestions are entirely false – as are suggestions that Mr Abramovich increased the price of the Club last minute.

“As part of Mr Abramovich’s objective to find a good custodian for Chelsea FC, he has however encouraged each bidder throughout this process to commit investing in the Club – including in the Academy, Women’s team, necessary redevelopment of the stadium as well as maintaining the work of Chelsea Foundation.

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“Following sanctions and other restrictions imposed on Mr Abramovich by the UK since announcing that the Club would be sold, the loan has also become subject to EU sanctions, requiring additional approvals.

“That means that the funds will be frozen and subject to a legal procedure governed by authorities.

“These funds are still earmarked for the Foundation. The Government are aware of these restrictions as well as the legal implications.”

Read the full statement here.

Chelsea Preferred Bidder, Todd Boehly Sets To Sign Today, Friday, 6th May 2022.

Following the official statement dropped on Chelsea’s website, it appeared the take-over bid only just speed up.

It’s now learnt that Todd Boehly and his consortium are happy with the response from Mr Abramovich which means things are on the right track for the West Londoners.

The American Billionaire will sign first contract today being Friday after which the bid will be put forward to the UK Government for approval.

According to sources from the Raine Group, no other bidder aside Todd Boehly is been considered at this moment, making the side very comfortable they will own Chelsea following proceeds from the Wednesday talks which is considered highly productive.

The New Era Is Set To Begin

West Ham United Indicate Transfer Interest For On-Loan Chelsea Whiz Kid Goal Poacher

Latest Chelsea News For Today, Friday, 6th May 2022 3

Blues local rivals, West Ham United are confident they can land a marque signing from Chelsea this summer after seeing the youngster impress on loan.

Despite being a lover of his art, Tuchel opted to loan Armando Broja to Southampton, although a move to assure him more playtime as he felt the youngster wasn’t ready for the task-filled Chelsea squad.

The 20-year-old already netted 9 goals across 36 games for Southampton. A stat that has attracted David Moyes to his radar.

West Ham United believe they can win a bid to land Broja this summer considering the mess Blues are in.

Raising funds is the only thing flooding Chelsea’s thoughts at this point in time and West Ham United are well aware which make them believe it’s the right time to push for Broja.

Broja is currently at €40m but West Ham believe an offer around €25m is enough to land their target man.

Blues are yet to produce any response on the offer but would before the summer transfer window makes open as they are more focused on the ownership issues now.

Todd Boehly Breaks Silence On New Chelsea Sponsorship Brand After Plans To End Three UK Brand Dealings

Latest Chelsea News For Today, Friday, 6th May 2022 4

Following our earlier report, Todd Boehly is not interested in continuing dealing with the Telecommunications brand that suspended it’s deal with Chelsea after learning of their sanctions.

Todd believes keeping such partners in a business is ‘unhealthy’ and making the best of Chelsea is his utmost goal.

“They wanted out by pausing the deal, we have to give them what they want when it’s time, maybe even make it last longer than they wanted.

“In my field as a business man, my mantra has always been to keep unhealthy dealings away from my yard.

“We will definitely announce to the public about the new sponsorship deal in few days to weeks time after we have competed the purch”

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