Man United Board Finally Disclose What Is Delaying Ole’s Sack Announcement

Manchester United may have already sacked Ole Solskjaer but yet to make an official statement on it

Ole Solskjaer‘s poor run of games have been so bad that the Board even without the public knowing have decided to let the manager go.

But on the outside, it seems the Board aren’t doing anything towards sacking Ole Solskjaer after claims state that the Board still have him full backing.

Even Ole did say this himself after the 2-0 loss against Manchester City before the international break.

Ole Solskjaer looking confused during Manchester derby.

United are currently in their worst form since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club and letting Solskjaer leave is the only way to solve this issue.

The fans are already boiling over Solskjaer remaining manager and it’s no hidden thing their hatred for the Norwegian.

But according to a source close to the club, Ole Solskjaer and Manchester United agreed to go their separate ways weeks ago.

Although the announcement or the enforcement is yet to come and our source tells that this isn’t a big problem as United already made clear when Solskjaer can leave.

The method will see Ole Solskjaer step down himself as manager in order to save the club’s image due to his status as the club Legend.

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Only that this will be after his successor must have signed the Man United contract but until then Ole Solskjaer remains manager.

Even the squad have been made to know this and everyone is just waiting for who is the next manager.

Ole Solskjaer of Manchester United behind Manchester City's Pep Guardiola during Manchester derby.

Antonio Conte was mainly talked as the possible next manager but having penned a contract with Spurs, the Red Devils are said to have shifted their attention to PSG’s Pochettino.

Of course, it will be a hard thing getting him off PSG’s clause and the only way could be the Parisians sacking him.

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