Manchester United Given Cristiano Ronaldo Hope As Juve Work To Offload The World Best

Juventus’ current financial predicament puts Man United in a pole position to resign their legend, Cristiano Ronaldo

Just 3 years after joining Juventus, Ronaldo could be set on exit move which possibly could lead him back to the club where he won his first Ballon d’Or.

Man United are always interested in reuniting with Ronaldo who could at his current stage provide experience to the younger members of the squad.

The Red Devils could finally be seeing this come to light after latest reports from Juve camps point towards the Portuguese taking the exit trip.

Manchester United Given Cristiano Ronaldo Hope As Juve Work To Offload The World Best 1

According to La Republica, Ronaldo’s €36m wage bill has dealt huge blow to the Old Lady’s financial health following the Covid pandemic issues which dug deep holes in many clubs’ purses.

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Both the club and the player in question are in a mutual understanding of what the club is witnessing at this point in time and in quest to recover, decisions have to be taken.

Decisions which may include Ronaldo leaving his 4-year contract halfway to join another team who can shoulder bill.

Similar happened with Barcelona and their talisman, Lionel Messi and leaving to Paris Saint German became the only option which both parties are happy he took.

Although a hard decision for the Argentine but it’s one every party understand and same could be happening with Ronaldo soon.

Manchester United on the other hand could have complications re-signing Ronaldo following the arrival of Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane.

The club’s financial state is unknown if it would be able to accommodate Ronaldo’s inclusion without causing any problems for the club, just like Real Madrid and Juve are still working to escape.

Paris Saint German are also another team positioned as a destination for Ronaldo as the Parisians look to form the team of a lifetime having landed Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakimi, Lionel Messi, Wijnaldum and Donnarumma.

Manchester United Given Cristiano Ronaldo Hope As Juve Work To Offload The World Best 2

Adding Cristiano Ronaldo to the team and uniting the strongest rivals in football history could be a move of a lifetime for a summer transfer window that has already given enough already.

Ronaldo is open to leaving Juventus if that’s the only way to save the club despite seeing Allegri return to the job.

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