Mason Mount Drops Verdict Ahead Of UCL And FA Cup Finals

The 22-year-old believes Chelsea will be champions after advancing into the final stages of the UCL and FA Cup

Mason Mount was on the score sheet on Wednesday night as Chelsea edged past Real Madrid in 3-1 aggregate score line.

This marked their first qualification to the final since their last time been crowned champions of the league.

Chelsea are also still in pursuit of the FA Cup glory after knocking off Manchester City to advance towards battling Leicester City on 15th May.

Mason Mount Drops Verdict Ahead Of UCL And FA Cup Finals 1

Mount revealed his strong belief Blues can be champions of both competitions as the side look to repeat their 2012 history when they won the double.

Speaking ahead of the finals, the midfielder said; “I want to do it with this team and we’ve given ourselves a great opportunity to achieve it. We have the confidence and we know we can do it. It’s one more game to go but it’s going to be a very tough one.”

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Chelsea lost out the previous FA Cup final to Arsenal while still under Frank Lampard and Mount believes they can make up for their loss when they face Leicester City.

“We want to put that right this season [last year’s FA Cup final defeat] and focus so much on winning things and achieving greatness, which all of us boys want to do at this great club,” he added.

The game on Wednesday night did go by without the presence of the fans in the stadium to help burn up the atmosphere with celebration.

Although the body in charge for seeing to the return of the fans has assured to have them back soon but Mount believes it would have been a lot more fun and passionate if they had shared the moment with the fans.

“I was gutted we couldn’t share this moment with the fans because it would have been extra special,” Mount added.

Mason Mount Drops Verdict Ahead Of UCL And FA Cup Finals 2

“It’s a different story when it’s a packed-out Stamford Bridge. I know what it’s like but there are boys who don’t know yet.

“They’re waiting to feel that atmosphere, to feel the crowd. We’ll them how good they are and what an unbelievable connection we have with them. I can’t wait for them to come back and give us that support inside the ground.”

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