Mateo Kovacic Sends Message To Manchester City Ahead Of UCL Final

The Croatian is a three time winner of the UCL with his former side, Real Madrid but yet to play in a final

Mateo Kovacic believes Chelsea will be all fired up on Saturday when they will lock horns with Manchester City for the Uefa Champions League finals.

Although having recently suffered drop in forms, Kovacic believes his side would use their Aston Villa defeat as a wake up call to pounce on Man City.

The 27-year-old has managed to become one of the most experienced players in Thomas Tuchel’s squad and is in line for action on Saturday night.

Mateo Kovacic Sends Message To Manchester City Ahead Of UCL Final 1

Speaking ahead of the game, Kovacic seems to have warned Man City not to be so confident after wining the Premier League trophy.

“We are just a young team who is prepared to do great things,” he said. “We need to prepare ourselves mentally to be ready and focused because against Villa we showed some sloppiness which we shouldn’t show in a big game against City.

“I think we won’t because we will be trying 100 per cent to do our best as always.

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“There is no fear because we love to play football. It is a massive game and we want to play it. There is pressure because we play against a big team.

“City is a great team that have had a great season, so they will be really confident, but we will be the same on Saturday as well.

“Maybe we are the underdogs in the final, but it is one game. We need to show our best and we have equal chances.”

Kovacic went on to hail the impact of Tuchel since his take over as this saw Chelsea beat notable names including Real Madrid to make it to the final.

“He came in and from the first minute the players felt a great connection with him. That’s from the first minute and first game.

Mateo Kovacic Sends Message To Manchester City Ahead Of UCL Final 2

“It was like he was here for two years and everything came quite naturally.

“From the day he came, we had a great season in the end because we came to a Champions League final, reached an FA Cup final and got into the top four.

“It is not a perfect season because we need to win a trophy but I think he has done a great job and will continue like that.”

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