Oxlade-Chamberlain Opens Up To Liverpool’s Summer Exit

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Oxlade-Chamberlain Opens Up To Liverpool's Summer Exit

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have spoken to the press explaining the situations surrounding his Liverpool summer exit.

The Former Liverpool man Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain left Liverpool just last summer after he’s spent six years at the club.

During his statement he revealed that he was never officially told he would not be getting a new contract until days before his departure was confirmed.

Remembering his final days at the club, Oxlade-Chamberlain told the press: ‘Some of the younger players were getting an opportunity to be involved, getting them ready for years to come, which I understand.

‘I just guess you want that communicated to you because you start going out of your mind thinking, “What more can I do here?”. And it was never really written off that you’re not getting offered a new contract’.

‘I got told before they released the statement “Just so you know, we’re putting this out about you, Milly, Bobby and Naby are leaving”. And I was like, “Oh, OK. Thanks“. But there was nothing official at any point before. It was just the silence was enough to know what the situation was.’

‘You just… expect certain things to be told — whether it’s good, bad, whatever, that’s how the game goes. The lack of communication was… a bit surprising.’

The midfielder further explained about his relationship with Klopp.

‘I understand as a manager it’s not easy to navigate every player’s needs, but when I was playing, I definitely enjoyed him a lot more than when I wasn’t even on the bench. But that’s how it goes’.

‘The longer I play the game, the more I realise you’re just an entity in the grand scheme of a business really. There will be many more after us and there were many more before, people who have had great experiences. 

‘I had great, great times at Liverpool. I couldn’t say anything bad about my time there. I wouldn’t even say it ended badly. At the end of the day, the club is bigger than any one player. Sometimes there’s bigger fish to fry.’

Oxlade-Chamberlain currently play in the Turkish League with Besiktas and has set his sights on winning the league with Besiktas this season.

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