‘Paid €16m Fine To Chelsea’ What Actually Happened Between Mutu And Chelsea

Mutu is one striker who had all his dreams despite closely achieved, still crashed down before his eyes

One of the key things that led to Mutu’s failed Chelsea career was his attitude despite being a superb goal scorer.

Mutu scored 4 goals across three debut games which one was a winning goal on his debut day against Leicester City.

The Romanian forward joined Chelsea for a fee around €19m after the Blues reached a transfer agreement with Parma.

'Paid €16m Fine To Chelsea' What Actually Happened Between Mutu And Chelsea 1

His scoring prowess wasn’t doubted at all until he began having issues adjusting to the league and with Jose Mourinho arriving the club, Mutu doom days had begun.

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It’s not hidden thing that Jose is a disciplinary type of manager who takes character very serious. No wonder the Portuguese had opted to bench the then 24-year-old.

Things became worse when Mourinho prevented Mutu from joining his teammates for national duties with claims of him being injured which Mutu countered saying he is fully fit.

“I am in an open conflict with Mourinho, who forbade me to go to my national team and said I was injured. It is not true – I have been in good condition for five days and he knew that,” Mutu declared in 2004. 

“I don’t care about being fined. I want everyone to know that the national team is the most important thing for me. I told Mourinho I was fit. He disagreed and showed me a piece of paper from the medical staff claiming I wasn’t. But I know I am fit. 

“Mourinho has promised me that I would play in the first team for some games. Then I wasn’t even in the squad and I don’t understand why. Probably the only solution, even if I don’t want it, is to find another team.”

The attitudes has already began raising dust before Chelsea decided to take him on a test which bounced back on him on the second trial.

Mutu had cocaine in his system and this led to his immediate sack and also sue. Chelsea dragged him to court of which he lost and was asked to pay a huge €16m fine to the club.

Mutu’s €16m is the highest fine so far paid by a player, he also was banned from footballing activities for months but later managed to make his way back into the pitch.

Mutu is currently head coach for the Romania National Team.

“In my first year at Chelsea I worked with Claudio Ranieri, a great coach, who wanted me in the squad. Without those personal problems, things would have been different,” Mutu told BBC Sport earlier this year.

'Paid €16m Fine To Chelsea' What Actually Happened Between Mutu And Chelsea 3

“I think I’m the right person because I know what happens when a player has problems with indiscipline,” Mutu added on becoming National Team Coach. “I’ve passed through hard moments and I came back stronger.

“If one of my players happens to make a mistake I will tell them to learn from it and not to repeat it. I came back and I played better than before, proving to everyone that the young players who have made a mistake must be helped, not judged and destroyed.”