Paul Merson Suggests To Pochettino The Best Tactics That Will Make Beating Tottenham Very Easy

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Blues prepare to lock horns with Tottenham Hotspur and to Paul Merson, Chelsea beating Spurs isn’t impossible

Tottenham will be looking to extend their unbeaten run when they meet Chelsea while Pochettino’s men are hoping to make it a bad derby day for Spurs.

Paul Merson believes Chelsea can still be victorious despite being a weaker team currently. The English man expressed in an interview that with his explained tactics, Chelsea can easily beat Tottenham.

In his statement, Merson advised Pochettino to employ the wing backs tactics as that would allow his team pressure Tottenham more and not give them the opportunity to pressure in return.

“Pochettino has to do somethings a bit different now, he has to employ a different tactics. I think the wingbacks tactics will make it easier for his boys against Tottenham,” Merson said.

“We have seen how this Tottenham plays and we know they can be very deadly when they have the space to do so. But if Chelsea can have alot of men doing the attacking works then Spurs won’t have space.

“Pochettino can beat his former team, of course he can do that well but he needs to be smart because the momentum is in favor of Tottenham but it’s a derby and that makes it somehow a balanced game.

“Chelsea will be very happy if they can end their unbeaten run and Spurs want to continue it, they want to win more games, they are very focused on the trophy and they have a lot to prove.”

somtosport telegram channel
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