Paul Pogba Explains Why He Has Been Wearing One Arm Sleeve

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The Frenchman has recently been seen wearing a one arm sleeve in matches

Former Juventus star, Paul Pogba must have once more left fans wondering of his new development at Old Trafford.

The 28-year-old is currently enjoying a blossoming time at Man United as he recently provided a super heading assist to Edinson Cavani’s most recent goal for the Red Devils.

While leading the team during their 2-0 victory over Europa League opponents on Thursday, Pogba didn’t just wear the captain band as he was spotted once more wearing the left arm sleeve.

It’s even now rumored to have become his normal match day kit but the World Cup winner took out time to share his own side of the story.

“It started with the pain, I had the pain [in the left elbow],” the midfielder said.

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“It actually started with my right elbow, so I put it on my right, and I had the same problem with my left, so I started playing with this to get it warm instead of the strapping. It’s tight on my elbow.

“I’ve been playing with this and it’s just natural now, just for security.”

Pogba went on to joke that it could now even become one of his match day kits as it’s now making him more comfortable.

“Now it’s [associated with] me,” the 27-year-old laughed.

“When people see that, they think of me. It just becomes me.”

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