Pep Guardiola Sends Threat To Tuchel After Suffering 2nd Consecutive Chelsea Defeat

The Spaniard believes his side will be better in the UCL final after suffering another disappointing loss to Tuchel’s men

Thomas Tuchel would sure be wary of the Cityzens in their Uefa Champions League encounters on May 29th.

But having trashed the Manchester based side twice in his short time as Chelsea manager, Tuchel could even cause more damage.

Guardiola from his own end believes his boys are becoming acquainted with the German’s tactics as they could now use this as a weapon against them in the UCL final.

Pep Guardiola Sends Threat To Tuchel After Suffering 2nd Consecutive Defeat To Chelsea 1

Unlike their first encounter where only one goal was born from the game when Hakim Ziyech placed in a fine finisher, Saturday’s meeting provided 3 goals with City opening the scorelines but remained with just a goal until the end of the 90mins.

Speaking after the game, Guardiola disclosed his side would do better in their next encounter with Chelsea.

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“I’m pretty sure for the final of the Champions League we’ll be ready to compete and play the best game we possibly can,” Guardiola assured.

“Now the FA Cup and Carabao Cup are over, we have to focus on winning the Premier League. We still have to get the points – when we get the points, we will be champions.

“Until then, the champions are Liverpool. Still we are not. Since one or two months ago, people said it was already done.

“No, we still had to go to Leicester and win away, Aston Villa and win away, Crystal Palace and win away, so you have to do what you have to do, and we did it.

“So we have the position that we have and we’re going to try, in the next three games that we have, to win the Premier League and after, it depends on the day it happens, we’re going to prepare for the Champions League final.”

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