Pochettino Explains Why Will Chelsea Continue Buying More Players As Assane Diao Set To Complete Switch

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Chelsea appear to have other plans contrary to what people have suggested to be the reason why they keep acquiring more players as Mauricio Pochettino took his time to explain in an exclusive interview

Since taking over Chelsea, the American ownership has been constantly recruiting new names from the transfer market and this left many eye brows raised.

Some suggested that this could be a move to monetize these players just like teams like Borussia Dortmund and Brighton have done in the past, raising major concerns as to what the future could mean for Chelsea.

When the new Board decided to part ways with Thomas Tuchel with an excuse of not sharing same goals, lots of concerns were raised by the fan base but with the direction the projection has taken so far, it seems very much clearer.

Chelsea just recently agreed deal with the family of twin Assane Diao who currently plays for Real Betis and is highly rated considering his abilities while still just 18-years of age.

Diao who stars as both winger and midfielder would fit perfectly into the Chelsea project according to club board however, the fans are doubting the necessity of acquiring more players after the mega spending spree of last summer window.

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Speaking in a recent exclusive on Sunday, Mauricio Pochettino shared what the vision is like at Chelsea and why the club is not even done buying as much players as they deem enough.

“It’s a massive project we are building, very massive one and not a project you have to wait for something to go wrong before you replace, no!” Pochettino said.

“If you like at a team like Man City you will understand the importance of squad depth, and also quality squad depth. The Board goes for the best on the list and I trust their decisions.

“An injury may hit massively at any time and we have to see enough replacement to pick the fittest from. Not just picking a replacement but also fittest replacements.

“We have a long term vision and we want these boys playing here for a long time with us, we want to achieve massive success together.

“If you look at the history of this club, you will understand that we don’t have to slow the pace at which the former owners have managed to set it on. We have to keep up and keep riding on same energy and spirit.

“The results may not visible yet but I am very sure and feel it inside of me from what I see on the training ground that we are very much on the right track.”

somtosport telegram channel
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