Premier League Make Key Change To VAR Ahead Of 2021/2022 Season

Ahead of the new season, the Premier League have stated that there would be changes to the controversial Video Assistant Referee technology after a lot of mistakes by the system.

Throughout the 2020/21 Season, the VAR made some decisions that costed top clubs points but the Premier League are now ready to make amendments that will affect Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham.

According to a statement released,the Premier League will introduce “thicker lines” for the Video Assistant Referee’s offside decisions next season.

It is reported that the newly introduced lines are brought as the FA see it as a way to prevent highly controversial marginal calls.

Premier League Make Key Change To VAR Ahead Of 2021/2022 Season

Those lines will allow a slightly bigger margin of error to the really tight offside calls.

The sole ambition is to give the players attacking the ‘benefit of the doubt’.

These new thicker lines the premier League are introducing have already been used in the Dutch top-flight, the Eredivisie and have been quite effective.

However, an issue with this development is that television broadcasters won’t be able to see the lines being drawn onto the screen, they will just see the end result.

While a lot of coaches have given their verdict on what they think about the system, Gunners boss Mikel Arteta was also left furious with the VAR during the 2020/21 season.

Arteta during one of last season’s game which costed his side points said: “This has been building up. Enough is enough. Today I have had enough.

“We’ve had many of them that nobody explains. It affects a lot of people, our job and most importantly our football club.

“What they [the match officials] do is behind the telephone. That’s what I cannot understand.

“We were the better team but there are certain decisions that we can’t control.

“To disallow a penalty 15 seconds before – [we had] eight or nine touches [after Nicolas Pepe was offside] – I saw it 10 times and I don’t get it.

“It can be taken the way they want. Zero control. Somebody has to explain that.”

Is this a good development or not? The fans would have their say very soon.

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