Real Madrid In Trouble Over Heavy Allegation

Real Madrid might be in hot soup as a heavy allegation is labelled on Florentino Perez by an ESPN commentator.

The Spanish team team, Real Madrid will have to find their way out of the mess that they might have fallen into.

The club has been accused of persuading the UEFA to match them with Ajax at the round of 16 of the Champions League.

The allegation was placed by the show conductor during the Uruguayan communication of “Jorge Ramos y su Banda” on ESPN, and it was directed to the Club’s President, Florentino Perez.

Who is Ramos?

Jorge Ramos is sports commentator from Uruguay who started out in the US as an editor and a writer in La Raza before joining ESPN, according Wikipedia.

Ramos disclosed a message that was sent to him by someone very close to Florentino Perez, the message entails that Perez had earlier on, started pressing the UEFA to get his club matched with Ajax.

The allegation claims that this started five days to the Knock-out draw.

Secondly it has been rumored that Perez also deviced Modric’s Ballon d’Or award after Cristano Ronaldo left for Juventus.

Oops! No wonder some of the supporter was against the award.

Although on the first allegation, Jorge Ramos refused to reveal his source neither did he provide any other evidence aside the one he disclosed.

What does this mean?

Is Los Blancos Cooked?

We will find out soon!

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