Reece James Names Chelsea Player Behind Thomas Tuchel Sack

Reece James has broken silence since the sack of Chelsea former boss, Thomas Tuchel as he names persons responsible for the German’s sack

In one of the most shocking sack announcement was Thomas Tuchel’s recent sudden dismissal from his duties at Chelsea.

It’s indeed a news that took days for people to swallow, even the former Chelsea boss is till in London and yet to leave although it’s stated that he is awaiting other job offers as he feels he has unfinished business in the Premier League.

Tuchel’s sack came out of the Blues despite his poor run of form in the start of the new season, no one expected sack to be part of the options to be used.

No warnings, no ultimatum, just straight sack from the new ownership and Reece James has shared his own part of the story as he promises never to forget all Tuchel has done for him and his teammates.

“The last few years have been good, but we’ve been to finals where we’ve lost as well,” James said. “Our former boss is someone I can never forget in my life, he held us hand by hand to all we did last season.

“We want to win every competition we enter, and if we get to the final, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be going all the way.

“There have been a few where we’ve got there, but there have also been a few domestic trophies that we haven’t picked up, which needs to change.

“I think last season I did well with my performances – my stats, goals and assists, clean sheets were all the best they’ve been and thanks to our former manager, – but I was injured for maybe three or four months and that was too long. So, I think if I stay on the pitch I will surpass what I did last season.”

“I think we are all responsible for his sudden sack,” James said while speaking about Tuchel. “We didn’t give enough on the pitch to win games. Our performances began to decline and he was always complaining and wanted a change in results, what we all never saw coming was his sack. No one expected it.

Quizzed on his favorite Chelsea win last season, James continued, “Beating Juventus 4-0 last season. That was just a really good all-round team performance and a good performance for myself too.”

Reece James Names Chelsea Player Behind Thomas Tuchel Sack 1

“I know my ability and how well I can strike a ball. Whenever I get the opportunity, I always try and score and give myself the best chance of scoring or getting an assist.

“Full-backs were just full-backs before, but now they’re trying to use them as an extra player. We have space there and sometimes it works in your favour.

“It’s great when you get high up the pitch and attack but sometimes the game is more difficult and you can’t do that because you’re defending more.

“In football, anything can happen and counter-attacks happen every game, so you have always got to remain switched on and not go to sleep.”

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  1. I think that James is right is because of that injury effect Chelsea that is why Chelsea didn’t play anything under tuchel Chelsea need to give him chance is not easy for a team to have injury

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