Revealed: Why Zidane Is Confident Real Madrid Will Reach UCL Final

Zinedine Zidane may already be perceiving UCL final after an event on yesterday’s draw

Real Madrid suffered a disappointing draw during their Saturday encounter but hopes for victory on Tuesday UCL game.

But Zidane is more convinced now that he is more likely to triumphant over the Blues after seeing Eden Hazard return to action.

The Belgian has seen his game time over the months reduced due to series of injuries.

Revealed: Why Zidane Is Confident Real Madrid Will Reach UCL Final 1

With the last one suggested to be operated but that could have caused him his career which Real Madrid avoided.

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Hazard healed weeks ago but Zidane decided he had proper rest before returning to pitch.

And unlike every other of his games, the former Chelsea talisman showed up and left with his both legs intact.

Although he got just 20mins but he created more chances than any other star on the pitch and this alone alerts Zidane of the havocs he can wreck when he combines Hazard with the right forces.

Karim Benzema is enjoying a flourishing time in his career, likewise young Vinicius.

Zidane knows applying these three men in a front three attack would shake Chelsea’s defense.

But it’s now left for the Blues to leak on getting attacked. The side has been more of a clean sheet defense and Zidane clearly won’t find it easy breaking through.

Thomas Tuchel on his own end has been on an impressive form, knocking off Atletico Madrid in a record breaking way and edging past FC Porto to reach the current stage.

Revealed: Why Zidane Is Confident Real Madrid Will Reach UCL Final 2

It’s first time the both sides are meeting in the competition and indeed would be a great game to grace.

Timo Werner ended his goal drought yesterday as he netted the only goal in Chelsea’s victory against West Ham United.

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